Amid fears that India is becoming less safe, the Central Reserve Police Force has decided to deploy women commandos to provide security to high profile politicians. The commandos are trained to protect VIPs and are currently being trained in Mumbai. They will be accompanied by men as part of a general security detail. The newly-trained women commandos will be carrying ballistic protection, weapons and other gadgets. They will be deployed during the upcoming elections in five states, starting from Delhi.

These commandos are currently training in the VIP security wing of the CRPF. They will be deployed in Delhi alongside CRPF men to protect politicians, dignitaries and other high-profile personalities. During the polling season in five states, women commandos will accompany the high-profile personalities. They will be assigned five or six commandos for each protectee.

The women commandos will be part of the house protection detail for the Z+ category CRPF protectees. They will be part of the overall security detail of a VIP’s house, and will also be tasked with providing proximal security to the VIP. As for Sonia Gandhi, they will not be deployed for polling duty. Instead, they will be deployed in a protective detail for the politician.

The women commandos will be deployed to a dozen of the top Z+ CRPF protectees, including Amit Shah and Sonia Gandhi. They will be assigned to act as house protection teams to accompany the VIP during polling. They will frisk any female visitors to the VIP’s house and be a part of the overall security detail.

The CRPF has announced plans to deploy women commandos for the Z+ category protectees from January 15. The women will be part of the house protection team, frisk female visitors and provide proximate security to the VIPs. The new contingent will also be a part of the CRPF’s VIP security branch. If the women commandos are deployed for the first time to a VIP, it will be the largest number of female guards ever to serve the politician.

According to reports, the CRPF has decided to deploy women commandos at the residences of the first family of the Congress party. The upcoming meetings of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are scheduled to be the first to be attended by women commandos. The deployment will be a huge step towards better security for both the members of the first family.


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