I haven’t been here.  You might have noticed, but maybe not.  I have that habit here, don’t I, of coming and going and acting as if someone might notice.

If you read my post I Have a Pimple, that might tell you something.  That damn pimple… not enough zit-cream in the world to conquer it. But I will eventually.

Focusing on me (hey! it’s a blog for the love of tartar sauce!) here are a few more quintessential bits that tap into the essence of who I am. Some of these topics are what I spend a lot of time contemplating these days…

What I Learn from My Children

I Have a Pimple

Strength is a Clever Disguise

Just Write

What Shape is Your Dream?

These are all posts where I do the writing-equivalent of getting naked; where I make myself vulnerable.  If you want to know about me, here is where you’ll find me in little bits and pieces.  My typical M.O. is to bury everything in humor, to cover it up, shuck and jive.  But in these, it’s just me, just Linda.

It’s all I can give until I find my way back again.  Maybe I should have included the blog post about how I’m Fickle, huh?

I’m around, I’m hanging in there.  I’ll be back eventually. (Don’t WORRY, Mom. It’s fine!)