Oh, I still have some boxes to unpack and I need to get pictures on the metaphorical walls, but we’re open for business over at JUSTLINDA DOT COM!

I’m a dot com now. A DOT COM!  Imagine if Rodney Dangerfield got to take over James Earl Jones’s body – imagine how he would immediately stand up taller, sound smarter, feel the respect rise.

So this is the last post I’ll ever make at this ol’ house.  I’ll keep the domain for awhile. Maybe once this post has been up for a bit, I’ll learn how to do a re-direct so people coming here are automatically taken there.  (You must know I haven’t a clue what I’m doing on this stuff – I feel my way through sometimes with catastrophic effects, but it’s always fun!  Like last night when I tried to update all the image URLs at the new site using a plug-in and POOF my images all disappeared from the posts.  Poof. Ha. Fun.)

Goodbye, JustLinda Dot Net.  It’s been a good ride.