I wanted a Best-Of image and this one caught my eye – I’m sure you can see why!!

Well, hello visitors to my blog!

Did you get your welcome package at the front desk?  Just leave a business card, make sure you write your social security number, banking institution, and your mother’s maiden name on the back.  Thanks!

Given my recent forays onto Twitter and using a Facebook Page, I have lots of new visitors here.  My visitors stats are UP! Pageviews UP!  It’s no longer just my mom reading it.  What I’m telling you is that if I do sell an ad here, I will likely make about $17 a year!  WOOT!

One of the rules of blogging is that there should be an easy way for new visitors to get to your “Best Of” content.  I’ve never taken the time to do that – until now!  Yes, for a mere $9.95, you can get to the Best of Just Linda in one click.  But wait – there’s more!  Order before midnight and we’ll double it for the mere cost of shipping and handling (tiny print, fast talk: shipping and handling are a gazillion dollars).

Anyway, all I did was try to make a list that reflected the best-of this blog.  I used complicated algorithmic algorithms (I couldn’t think of another word to go with algorithmic – sorry) and compiled a list of posts most frequently commented upon, the ones with the most page-views, and the most je ne sais  quois (of course).   Then I deleted that list and just pulled a list of the posts that I like the most right out of my ass.

Some of them fared quite well and some of them may only have 1 or 2 comments.  By the standards here on my blog, 10 or more comments is super-nova.  Keep that in mind.

So without further delay, here is the post of posts – mostly funny but a few serious – that best represent my blawwg here.  They are in no partiicular order (hey – what do you expect for free??) so maybe just click what appeals to you, and that includes the BACK button.  Hope you enjoy.