JustLinda on March 31st, 2011

My youngest darling child was born in May.  To be exact, May 22nd. Last year, we had a Cinderella party.  We invited several children over to the house, played games, had cake and ice cream.  There were presents and there was screaming and giggling.  And a pinata (I’d put the little wavy thing in that [...]

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JustLinda on March 29th, 2011

Well, OK – they aren’t really out in the world at large diving in real dumpsters.  It’s not that bad. Yet. But one time they did come in from playing out front with a 5-pound hand weight they found at the neighbor’s curb in the trash. “Mom, can we keep this?  They were throwing it [...]

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JustLinda on March 29th, 2011

I hear him slip out of bed and I look at the clock.  1:41AM.  The same mysterious capability that would wake me when my babies were rustling in the other room even before they cried out works here too.  I’m attuned to these particular night sounds.  When he’s up like this, I am on guard. [...]

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